No Joking – Preblast for 4/1/2020

10 Mike Tysons (Find a curb for bracing of feet then do a horizontal squat and a merkin = 1 Mike Tyson)

20 Mtn Climbers (4 count)

30 Plank Jacks (4 count)

40 SHH (4 count)

Hold Plank for 45 seconds

Run ½ mile

Repeat above until time is up.

Happy April Fools day!

Preblast March 30, 2020

1st things 1st, donate blood if you can, just do it! The lack of oxygen during a workout is good for you!

50 – Side Straddle Hops
25 – Imperial Walkers (4-count)
straight into 25 – Hillbillies (4-count)
Sun God – 10 count: SIDES, FRONT, OVHD
20 – Cherry Pickers

This last ones been bothering me for awhile so below is how to correctly perform cherry pickers

Spell your Birth Name, F3 Name, and if time permits City of Residence. If you still have time…spell something else!

A – 25 Mountain Climbers
B – 20 Burpees
C – 30 4-count Lunges
D – 30 Air Squats
E – 50 Calf raises
F – 30 Merkins
G – 1 Lap Around Field/Block
H – 25 4-count Shoulder Taps
I – 50 2-count Squat Hold PunchesFrom the squat position punch across your body, each side is 1 rep

J – 30 4-count Freddie Mercuries

K – 25 WWII Sit-ups

L – 30-count rest

M – 25 Broad Jumps

N – 40 4-count High knees

O – 30 Merkins

P – 25 2-count Apollo Ohno’s         -Speed Skater style side hops

Q – 30 4-count American Hammers

R – 30 Heels to Heaven

S – 1 Lap Around Field/Block

T – 30 Sit Up Punches Conduct a normal sit-up, but punch on each side at the top of the push-up
U – 30 Hello Dollies
V – 30 Diamond Merkins
W – 1 min Wall Sit
X – 50 Air Presses
Y – 1 min Plank
Z – 50 4-count Flutter Kicks

Hard Things

Date: 20200325

Virtual Q: Priorities

SSHs x50 (you heard me)
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Sun gods x10 each direction IC (out/front/up)
Copperhead squats x20 IC

The Thang: We’ve got a lot going on in the world these days. Don’t let it beat you.

1st round:
Van Goghdas – 1 rep – IC (A Dying Cockroach or think an Abe Vigoda but on your 6)
Iron Mikes – 2 reps – IC (Jumping Lunges)
Rosalitas – 3 reps – IC (Hello Dolly but legs in the air)
Up Downs – 4 reps (Chop your feet, chest to the ground, stand back up)
Scorpion Dry Docks – 5 Reps (Carolina Dry Dock with one leg in the air)30 seconds of cardio (mosey, mosey in place, bear crawl, Dwight Howards, etc.)
30 seconds rest (or as needed)

2nd Round:
Same as first but double the numbers
Van Goghdas – 2 rep – IC
Iron Mikes – 4 reps – IC
Rosalitas – 6 reps – IC
Up Downs – 8 reps
Scorpion Dry Docks – 10 Reps30 Seconds cardio
30 Seconds rest

Round 3:
Double numbers again

Continue until time is up.


Sometimes we do hard things for the only reason being they are hard. If you get to 32 up downs or 80 Scorpion Dry Docks you might think, “why am I doing this?” Because you are not training for easy things. You are training for hard things. And Flea reminded me this week that the hard thing we’ve been preparing for might be happening right now. Do not give up when things get hard. Don’t give in to disease or depression or tiredness or hunger or hurt or pain. Be victorious. And win.

Post beat down assignment (non negotiable): Reach out to a fellow pax and humble brag how many rounds you completed. Tell him what you are going through in life and find out what he is going through. Then pray, meditate, write a song, hold some crystals, light a candle (you do you brother) about what you talked about. And lastly, think about what your community needs right now and set out to lead them to it.



Monday Funday

Happy Monday! 20200323
We all want a happy life. A cushy job, a perfect family, financial stability, and a great social life! And in this indefinite pursuit of happiness that is mostly like a mirage, how often do we spare a minute to thank what we already have at this very moment?

Gratitude is a powerful human emotion. By conveying and receiving simple ‘thank you’ messages, we can truly derive the pleasure that we seek everywhere else. Gratitude, derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’, means gratefulness or thankfulness.

In its simplest form, gratitude refers to a ‘state of thankfulness’ or a ‘state of being grateful’.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – Proverb

In positive psychology, gratitude is the human way of acknowledging the good things of life. Psychologists have defined gratitude as a positive emotional response that we perceive on giving or receiving a benefit from someone (Emmons & McCullough, 2004).

A similar explanation was put forth by Emmons and McCullough who said that:

“ Gratitude is associated with a personal benefit that was not intentionally sought after, deserved, or earned but rather because of the good intentions of another person” (Emmons & McCullough, 2003).

Thanking others, thanking ourselves, Mother Nature, or the Almighty – gratitude in any form can enlighten the mind and make us feel happier. It has a healing effect on us. (Russell and Fosha, 2008). The benefits of gratitude are endless, and in this article, let us try to explore what gratitude it, discuss its scientific base, and understand how we can use gratitude to be happier in life.
Gratitude Benefits Neuroscience

The Neuroscience of Gratitude and How It Affects Anxiety & Grief

Warm up
Side Straddle Hops 4-count IC (In Cadence) 50 repititions
Hill Billie’s 4-Count IC 40 reps
Lunges each leg 30 reps
Copperhead Merkin Regular Merkin (Pushup), each rep done in 3 stages, much like the copperhead squat (lowering body slowly on first 3 counts, then lifting up on 4 count). 20 reps
Don Quixote’s Windmills 4-count IC 10 reps

The Thang
10 Squats 20 burpees, 30 merkins, 40 squats, 50 lunge-walks.

Deconstructed Burpees
The perfect exercise, broken down into pieces. Squats, then leg thrusts, then Merkins, then leg thrusts, then up. For example, do 10 squats, 10 leg thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 leg thrusts, then up. Decrease reps by 1 each time until you get to 1 each.

The “Little Baby Crunch.” Aka a crunch/sit-up. 4-Count IC 30 reps

Freddie Mercuries
Aka the bicycle sit-up. Alternate extending legs and arms in a bicycling motion during the sit-up. 4-Count IC 30 reps

Gas Pumps
Start in the LBC position and straighten your legs to the Dolly position and then back to the LBC position. Sit next to @Mungo in the Lake Murray region when he does these and you’ll know where the name comes from. 4-Count IC 30 reps

Pre-Blast: March 21, 2020 “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”

Hope everyone is doing well during the shelter-in-place restrictions.

How many of you know the TV show “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?”

I ventured out yesterday for a short time and I felt like Buck Rogers when he left New Chicago and ventured into old Chicago that was said to be inhabited by mutants.

Interesting how quickly and easily our minds can be persuaded to change. Everyone went from being friendly neighbors to:

OK… on to the workout:

Warm Up:

3 Imperial Walkers (4 count)
6 Monkey Humpers
12 Mountain Climbers (4 count)
24 Plank Jacks (4 count)
48 SSH (4 count)
24 LBC (4 count)
12 High Plank / Low Plank
6 Gorilla Humpers
3 Squats (4 count)

The Thang:  Run, Run and Run some more.  Try to download Strava or another tracker.

Run 2 miles: setup the app to alert you every ½ mile because at each ½ mile mark you are going to stop and alternate with 10 burpees (at the 1/2 mile) and 10 Bobby Hurley’s (Squat down, slap the ground, jump up like you are taking a jump shot) at the mile.

After the two miles:

3 Imperial Walkers (4 count)
6 Monkey Humpers
12 Mountain Climbers (4 count)
24 Plank Jacks (4 count)
48 SSH (4 count)
24 LBC (4 count)
12 High Plank / Low Plank
6 Gorilla Humpers
3 Squats (4 count)

Repeat another 2 miles: every ½ mile stop and alternate with 10 burpees and 10 Bobby Hurley’s.

Bonus to those that run on hills and get 200+ feet of total elevation gain.  To really push it try to get 500 feet. 

Cool down:

3 Imperial Walkers (4 count)
6 Monkey Humpers
12 Mountain Climbers (4 count)
24 Plank Jacks (4 count)
48 SSH (4 count)
24 LBC (4 count)
12 High Plank / Low Plank
6 Gorilla Humpers
3 Squats (4 count)

Send me a snippet of your Strava or other feed! Let me know if you completed the workout.

Cleveland Rocks… Bidi-Biddi-Bidi-Biddi …out!

Pre-Blast: March 18th, 2020 (Day 1 of Monterey County “Shelter-in-Place” Order)


Covid-19 can’t stop us from having a good time. This is one of my favorite home workouts. It involves a cardio activity and a coupon. Use whatever you have available for the coupon. For cardio, I recommend running around the block or running to the street corner and back based on your environment. As always, adjust as you need to.

5 rounds of the following:

1 round cardio (1 x lap around block or similar)

10x coupon swings (think kettlebell swings), 10 x burpees, 10 x coupon swings, 10 x burpees

1 round cardio

Take a 20-30 count rest between rounds.
If time remains, alternate core workouts with merkins, 20 counts rest in between.

Enjoy! Stay safe and healthy!